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Identifying talented children and youth from disadvantaged communities and offering them a pathway to become professional athletes

Case Studies

Position Paper
'Talent For The Future - Taking Student-athletes From Grassroots To Elite'

Presenting a framework for producing ‘system-generated’ champions through integrated sports education, data-driven talent identification and development pathways for children and youth.


Identifying and nurturing student-athletes across a cluster of schools in Noida and Lucknow

HCLF in partnership with Sportz Village aims to identify, train, and nurture talent in sports while making opportunities for play and physical education accessible to children and youth in middle and high school from underserved communities from districts in Noida and Lucknow.


Sports Excellence Programs to identify and nurture sports talent from 'grassroots to elite'

Identify and develop grassroots sporting talent in children (13 to 19 years) from Govt. schools and target communities into elite athletes by providing quality sports training, match/tournament exposure, and access to national and international grassroots scouting trials.

Other Initiatives

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