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Sports For Change - Baseline
Sports and Physical Education Programs for positive health, educational and developmental outcomes in children

Sportz Village Foundation’s #SportForChange program uses physical education and sports to drive change in school children in terms of health, education and socio-emotional learning. The program’s objective is to improve the lives of children and youth from underprivileged communities through structured sports and physical education curriculum in government schools.

Impact of Sports in Education
Sportz Village conducted its pioneering Sport for Change program at government schools funded by Ashok Leyland in the districts of Hosur, Namakkal, and Chennai. Since its inception, the program has reached 34,000 children in 391 government schools.
Keeping Children Active During COVID-19 Lockdown
The paper highlights the importance of access to sport for children (especially from disadvantaged backgrounds) and offers a framework for educators and development experts to engage children through physical activity (during and after the lockdown).
Empowering Women Through Self-Defense

Sports Authority of Gujarat along with Sportz Village executed a self defense program for women and girls across the state. PADKAR has transformed the lives of 2,77,253 women and girls across 79 Taluks in 31 districts of Gujarat.

Other Initiatives

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